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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Makin' Money Monday

Marin at Frugonomics 101 and I are teaming up to bring you this series. Every other Monday I will post an idea for making money (blogging or other ways to make money) and every other Monday she'll be posting and giving you an idea!

My Money Makin' Monday Topic is:

The Coupon Bar

If you haven't noticed yet there is a green box on the left side of my blog now that enables you to print coupons without leaving my blog! It is the same coupons as you can find by going to www.coupons.com The difference....I earn a few pennies for the coupons you print!

Easier for You!

You can only see a few coupons right now. However, if you click on the words at the top of the green box where it says "see all coupons" it will pop up a new little box with a list of all the coupons available from coupons.com! You can click on the ones you want to print and it is much quicker than going to coupons.com because they are all on one little page instead of having to go through all the pages at coupons.com!

You Can Have One of These Too!

All you have to do is visit HERE
Go to the very top on the right hand side in small type it says "affiliate program."
Signing up is quick and easy and it works a lot like Google ads.

So far I have made more money with this than any other affiliate I have posted ... and there is NO hassle! Just plug it into your blog and no work is required after that!

The only thing I don't know is what the minimum is for getting your first pay out. Does anyone know the answer to this?


The Irwins said...

I think I read it's $100 somewhere. Can't wait til your other blog is back up and running!

MrsAdams06 said...

Thank you for the info on the coupon bar! I was wondering how to get one for my blog.

Sarah @ Fiddledeedee said...

I just sent an email to Brandcaster about this and received a return call yesterday. I was wondering the same thing!

The (very nice, by the way) customer service rep told me that you receive your first payment once you hit the $100 mark. Woohoo!

BTW, the "temp" blog is looking awesome! I had to check to see if I was in the right place!